Planning Stage

The First Phase Will Develop 5 Unique Characteristics; Scalability, Sustainability, Profitability, Consistency, and Memorable Experiences

Feasibility Study

This in-depth study will ensure your idea is suitable for the market and it is in-fact, a restaurant or bar your market wants and needs prior to investing thousands of dollars.

Concept Development Plan

Every defined concept should strive for a unique personality with proper vision, mission, value, and culture statements plus design elements for architecture, menu development, guest experience strategies, and a profitable layout.

Strategic Business Plan

The action plan and foundation for your project. This document will prepare you and your team for the upcoming challenges with further research, strategic goals, and strong financial projections for the first three years.



Development Phase

The Second Phase to Your Long-Term Success. An In-Depth List of Solutions That Will Assist You From  Choice of Location Until Opening Day!

Site Development

Assist in location, designer, and contractor selection plus assist in permits, licensing, floor layouts, kitchen layouts, bar design, flow of traffic, curb appeal, and much more. We will be there with you as your project manager from day one!

Brand Development

Assist in food & beverage menu development, guest experience strategies, table & chair choices, logo design, marketing plans, website development, public relations, and much more. A creative team will elevate you from your local competition!

System Development

Assist in team development (hiring selection & training) plus day-to-day procedures, point-of-sale selection, recipe structure, financial systems, and much more. A high level of consistency will be prepared for sustainable success!



Support Phase

The Third Phase to Your Long-Term Success. After Grand Opening, Ongoing Support is Critical to Ensure All Systems are Operating Correctly!

Financial Advice

Advice and review of critical financial data including food & beverage costs, traffic flow, labour costs, and more while providing achievable month-to-month goals.

Marketing Advice

Advice on & review of strategic marketing campaigns (online & offline) to drive awareness, revenue, and repeat customers each & every month.

Service Advice

Advising on leadership, staff & culture management, customer emotions management, and successful service through the use of our industry leading metric tools.



On-Demand Programs

Already Operating? We Have a Platform of On-Demand Services Just for You!

An Advisor is Phone Call, Email, Video-Chat or On-Site Visit Away

From hourly consulting to one-day workshops, mixology training modules, creative branding strategies, marketing development, off-premise delivery, and even golf course & pizzeria inspired solutions! Review our online catalog and contact us today.



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