"It takes a high level of planning, organization, communication, and project management to open a new location - whether it's your first or your 20th. We can help!"


We’re not kidding when we say there are over 500 unique tasks to complete for a start-up to launch successfully. It takes years of experience, plenty of organization, and reliable communication to ensure your dream restaurant doesn’t become an immediate nightmare.

Once the planning phase is complete and you’re comfortable to move forward – it’s time to start the development process.

Ask any successful restaurateur and they will immediately tell you not to do it all yourself and to let go of the smaller tasks while working with an expert on the overall bigger picture. Our goal is to provide you with a package of solutions, set in phases, that will minimize your risks and set the foundations for long-term success while saving you and your shareholders both time & financial resources through our high level of standards, expertise, and growing industry wide network.

The below options are available as a complete package through the scope of ‘project management’ or they can be chosen individually – based on your own level of involvement and/or strengths – the choice is yours.


Site Development

Assist in Location Selection

Working closely with local real estate agents, KRG will assist in determining the best fit for your concept from a restaurant operations and market feasibility point-of-view. Our team will visit, evaluate, and compare the top three choices while adjusting start-up costs and financial projections for each potential location to determine the most optimal site for your concept.

Kitchen + Bar, Counter + Floor Layouts

Understanding the concept, menu, and style of service – KRG will layout the preliminary design for your space with optimal productivity, staff/guest movement, ergonomics, guest experiences, and financial sustainability kept in mind. This document is then prepared to be submitted to architects, engineers, & designers to finalize for permits, licensing, and construction related jobs scopes.

Designers & Contractors

KRG will lead in sourcing local engineers, designers, and general contractors etc. From there, our team will assist in background checks, negotiating fees, and payment terms with these vendors based on your budget. Key Restaurant Group will then oversee communication with the hired teams during the entire renovation or build-out stage over the course of the project while effectively organizing the remaining notes below to ensure all items line-up accordingly for opening day!

Permits & Licensing

Key Restaurant Group will assist / guide you towards the appropriate channels for business licensing, liquor licensing, and obtaining permits for occupancy. This is in correlation with documents from engineers, designers, and contractors.

Equipment Sourcing

Understanding kitchen layout and key menu elements, our team will work with equipment suppliers to source the best equipment, kitchen small-wares, and hood systems etc. while listing out utility requirements, overall measurements, and further specs for all associated trades involved in the project. We can also work with financial partners to lease all or a portion of your equipment needs to reduce your start-up capital.

Technology Sourcing

From the correct choice of POS (Point-of-Sale) to digital/online ordering, television strategies, sound engineering, team communication, staff scheduling, inventory management, security systems, and more – our team will work with local suppliers and industry leaders to provide you with the technology you need that will assist you in your operations and guest experience strategies.


Menu Development

Food & Beverage Concept

Our culinary & bar experts will first develop a large number of “paper” concepts covering your variety of day parts where each item will have a menu visual and a descriptor as it relates to overall concept.

Food & Beverage Recipe

Based on narrowed down choices from the conceptual step, our culinary & bar experts will create a recipe that will be expanded to include menu layout, formal recipe spec; weights, measures, cooking/prep method, equipment needs, reference photograph, and first draft of operations binder.

Food & Beverage Testing

Our culinary & bar experts will then finalize any revisions to the recipes with each item cooked in a test kitchen or prepared at a bar and presented to client (or focus group) in addition to providing final costing reports.

Supply Chain Management

Working closely with numerous suppliers, Key Restaurant Group will assist in the correct choice of food & beverage suppliers to meet short-term and long-term demand, pricing strategies, & quality assurance standards for food safety.

Menu Designs

Using years of expertise, our team will design your take-out, dine-in, catering, late-night, lunch, breakfast, and drink menus etc. with proper engineering to drive sales & profits while coinciding with the rest of your graphic designs elements to ensure consistency in your story and brand messaging.

Photography Sessions

With a creative eye – our photography & branding expert will complete a photo shoot of your food, beverage, and location to provide you with content for your website, social media, and other marketing needs.


Brand Development

Unique Identity Creation

We believe in the power of brand — to shift mindsets, create markets, inspire innovation, and unleash movements. Working with our in-house graphic / brand experts we will develop effective story-telling and value, vision, mission, & culture statements. From there, KRG will then develop up-to three logo concepts and after approval, will deliver the final design in the appropriate formats with a complete branding kit of fonts, color codes, and product placement samples to send to signage and print companies.

We can also create your flyers, post cards, business cards, display posters etc. as part of your start-up marketing and brand activation plan.

Interior Design Consultations

Working with either your team or hired interior designers (optional) – we will highlight interior & exterior design elements that will help tell the story, inspire innovation, and unleash movements in terms of color choices, material choices, table choices, chair choices, lighting choices, logo placements for your concept.

Table-Ware & Take-Out Decisions

Similar to interior design consultations, our team will help determine the best choice of plating, glassware, and take-out containers for your concept while keeping menu elements and brand messaging in mind. We will then help cost out and source these concept specific needs.

Website & Online Development

KRG will creatively register, setup, and design a responsive and mobile friendly website with menu, photos, maps, and strategically written content for SEO purposes and website analytics. Our team will also setup your social media channels, search engine pages (Google & Trip Advisor etc) and train you on how to effectively use these channels.

In-Depth Marketing Plans

In-depth development of budgets, strategies, competitors, and campaigns with target market segment in mind - for the first six months of operations, including media launch strategy of your concept to the public. This marketing plan will also highlight effective strategies to drive awareness, an increase in revenue-per-customer, and repeat business opportunities.

Brand Activation Strategies

The art of driving consumer action through brand interaction & guest experiences. In simple terms, the key aim of these campaigns is to get your guests to ‘act’ and have a memorable experience about your brand. KRG will develop these strategies in terms of brand messaging, experiential marketing, and four-walls marketing and will train your team on how to properly execute.


System Development

HR System Development

The team at KRG will develop a detailed staff organization plan with all noted positions, job scopes, and pay scales in addition to setting up templates for job offer sheets, application forms, tax forms, staff performance reviews and policies such as sexual harassment, uniforms, tip-outs, and much more.

Team Recruitment/On-Boarding

Our team will lead the on-boarding of your management team (general manager, kitchen manager, bar manager etc) and then coach them on and oversee the hiring for the remainder of your team.

Standard Operating Procedures

The team at KRG will assist in creating templates foropening & closing procedures, line cook setup, bar setup, health & safety training sheets, financial tracking control sheets, staff manuals, and day-to-day standard operating procedures including equipment training sign-offs, temperature check-logs, quality assurance tracker, and much more.

Off-Premise Program (Delivery)

Delivery and off-premise dining has disrupted the restaurant industry more in the last five years than anything else. The team at KRG will analyze and develop a plan of action that will set the foundations for your delivery program; whether it is in-house or through the use of a third-party app.

Training & Personal Development Systems

Our team will design your ‘training program’ and lead your orientation shift; discussing food safety, the implementation of policies, and assist in your first team building exercises. From there – we will work with your management team in the kitchen, bar, and/or service team for at least 1-2 weeks, preparing them for the soft opening & launch day.

Soft Opening Management

Our team will monitor the development and implementation of systems during a highly suggested ‘soft opening’ week (or two weeks) – we will monitor production times, service levels, staff flow, and consistency of both dishes & drinks being served to guests.


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