"Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, but some aspects are in your control if you approach the restaurant planning phase with the right mindset"

Develop the Foundations

This first phase, whether you’re just starting or looking to grow or looking to re-brand, will develop or enhance 5 unique characteristics needed to survive in this cut-throat industry; Scalability, Sustainability, Profitability, Consistency, and Memorable Experiences.

While teaching a college course on restaurant start-ups and the need for feasibility studies, conceptual plans, and strategic business plans, we were asked by a student ‘why not just have one plan instead of three?” It was a valid question and the simplified answer is because ‘we want to know the validity of the idea before investing in the concept and in the action plan’.

Here is how our process works – where your three plans will be ready in as little as 4 weeks.


Discovery Session 1-3 Days

A meeting that is completed in-person or through video chat, we will complete an in-depth discussion around your vision, menu, service plan, budget, ideal location(s), and much more.


Feasibility Study 8-10 Days

This study will determine the viability of a hyper-local market and its demographics, competition, and growth potential, the technical viability of starting this restaurant or bar (labor dynamics, food & beverage logistics, cost per square footage etc) , the business viability based on an industry & ownership assessment, and the financial viability of project in this space; based on size of venue and your budget.


Concept Development 8-10 Days

The scope of your project, the brand requirements, and the culture statement you need to adhere too, plus the initial breakdown of architectural design, kitchen & bar production w/ listing of potential equipment, your menu design attributes, and entertainment plan. This often will help shape the idea and ‘concept’ into a tangible form with character, heart, and soul; giving your restaurants or bar - a visual personality.


Business Plan 4-6 Days

The action plan that elaborates on the feasibility study and concept development plan while delivering on overall operations, marketing, advertising, start-up milestones, and financial benchmarks. This document features in-depth analysis, competitive landscapes, team development strategies, licensing & permits, industry reports, and numerous financial statements including an enhanced foot traffic analysis plus three year financial projection broken down by month, a week-by-week mock labor schedule based on your size of venue, a sensitivity analysis, and much more.


Strategy Sessions

Between each plan we will review the current development (via phone or video chat) to ensure all parties are satisfied with the plans to date. When the business plan is complete, we will hold another session that will recap and review all studies & plans in-person or via video chat while discussing the next steps for your project. At this time, all documents will be handed over to client – prepared not only for yourself, but for banks, investors, and/or landlords.


Let's Get Started!


Let’s Get Started!

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