Tim Green - Pizza Consultant

Tim Green started out in the hotel industry in ’81 while attending school at Johnson & Wales College, Providence, RI.  After graduating, Tim continued his career in hospitality traveling around the United States at premier downtown and resort based properties.

In ’95 Tim and his family moved to Bellingham, Wa. where he became a Chef/Partner for Wood Stone Corporation.  Tim spent 14 years working with Wood Stone embracing stone hearth cooking, cooking with solid fuel, and all things pizza.   During his tenure at Wood Stone Tim was introduced to and worked with world renowned chefs, globally based chain restaurants, and many independent operators.  He also worked with leading grocery store chains and both corporate & college institutions.

This gave him great knowledge of many styles of pizza, in a variety of applications which he uses today with pizza-focused concepts throughout The US and Canada.

Tim has also has gained vast experience working with restaurant and pizza equipment manufactures and the chain of distribution in which they work. In fact, he still works with manufactures today on equipment design and technology. For Tim, you choose the best pizza equipment to support your menu.

Speaking with Tim you will quickly learn his passion about pizza and hospitality!

If you are starting, growing, or re-branding a pizza-inspired concept; an educated, experienced, and talented team will work with you to develop, enhance, or expand your unique property.

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