Choose between a variety of 4 hour modules plus a Q&A session with Master Mixologist Jared Boller

Enhance Your Bar Program!

These 'modules' prepared by Master Mixologist Jared Boller are an excellent opportunity for both aspiring and talented bartenders at your bar, pub, lounge, or restaurant to advance their craft.

We believe in the fundamentals of hands-on experience when it comes to both training and learning so your team will spend most of the time behind the bar making drinks while learning from the best!

Our modules consist of the following choices:

Bar 101 - The History & Evolution of the Cocktail Craft

How did cocktails come into existence? What spirits and flavors complement each other? Should I shake, stir, or muddle? What practical cocktail tools & techniques do we need today? All will be revealed in this enlightening hands-on workshop that will include 1 welcome cocktail, 3 hands-on opportunities to make cocktails, plus palate-cleansing bread & cheese.

Bar 102 - The Inspired Mixologist

Building a bar program for the first time can be a daunting task, with many potential pitfalls. It’s all too common for a new bar or restaurants to overindulge in cocktail ingredients, create an unbalanced menu, or under-price drinks that are costly to make. This module will guide you towards building a profitable and inspiring bar program that will also include 1 welcome cocktail and 3 hands-on opportunities to make unique cocktails specific to your concept.

Expert Classes - Specific Designations

Does your bar focus on programs around specific designations? For example; whiskey or whiskey cocktails, or tequila and tequila cocktails, or gin inspired cocktails? No matter the spirit, this customized module will provide a truly unique and immersive experience while preparing your bar to be an expert on one specific designation in terms of its history, flavors, pairings, techniques, glassware, and more. All will be revealed in this expertly prepared hands-on workshop that will include 1 welcome cocktail plus 3 hands-on opportunities for each individual.

As an added bonus - all attendees of any of the above modules will receive a free copy of Bar Hacks - written by Bar Expert Doug Radkey. If you're ready to take your bar to the next level - give us a call today to discuss the available options.


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