Balance Your 'Loss' on Green Fees and Enhance Your Membership, Catering, and On-Premise Event Program w/ Stronger Food & Beverage Operations!

Stop the Financial Bleeding!

We understand that golf courses face a number of day-to-day challenges throughout North America. One of the primary challenges is the rising costs (labor, chemicals, water, land tax etc.) and decreasing revenues due to less golf traffic throughout the industry (something we understand within the restaurant & hospitality industry).

The equation is simple: Less players means less rounds of golf and less rounds of golf translates to less revenue for courses. This isn't even mentioning the online reservation tools that are also eating into that day-to-day green fee profit.

Here is a question: How many of your walk-on golfers or paying members leave immediately after their round? Here's what we know: the golfers you do attain (and are wanting to attain) are looking for a 'complete' game experience - which includes food & drink (and we're not talking steamed hot dogs, cold turkey sandwiches, or simple cans of beer).

Our team of operation, kitchen, & bar experts will enhance your food & drink program in just five days that includes local market segment research, concept development, menu specs, menu design, and menu tastings for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner day-parts in addition to unique items that are developed for 'on-the-go' (think cart sales and golfers 'making the turn')!

As a bonus, you will also receive 1 day of our 'Bar Hacks Workshop' that includes training on operations, menu development, beverage tastings, culture management, F&B Marketing, and guest experience strategies for your entire team. It doesn't end there - your management team will each receive a copy of 'Bar Hacks', a copy of our 'Thrive -On Demand' Planner, and 1 hour of coaching (and check-up) each month for six months after the 5 days of development.

This will create the foundations for years to come in addition to uniquely engineered menus that will create immediate revenue & profit which will then increase word-of-mouth marketing, social media marketing, and event-based revenue opportunities such as tournaments, weddings, and other corporate events.

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