Jason B. Smale - Financial Consultant

Prior to spending over 10 plus years managing and consulting with a number of businesses in some of the most competitive industries and markets in both Canada and the US – Jason was a leader in the restaurant space with a passion for the culinary arts.

To enrich his existing business knowledge since leaving the restaurant kitchen space back in the 2000’s, Jason enrolled in and completed an extensive 3-year Business Administration and Accounting program to compliment his understanding of business – in particular accounting within the hospitality industry.

Since 2014 in both large corporation and small business entities, Jason has spent time traveling and consulting business owners on both start-up and rescue-type projects.

Throughout his diploma program and accounting practice, Jason has excelled in the following areas; cost and managerial accounting, strategic business management, business-law, organizational behavior, and business mathematics - where he looks to leverage this education and hands-on experience to help restaurants, bars, and cafes with their start-up financial plans, asset management strategies, regional & federal tax structure, key performance indicators, sales forecasts, and cost control methods.

If you are starting, growing, or re-branding a quick-service restaurant, sports bar, food truck, cafe, fine dining establishment or anything in between; an educated, experienced, and talented team will work with you to develop, enhance, or expand your unique property.

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