No matter your region (within Canada or the USA), we're here to help! Whether you're looking for strategic planning, project management, or ongoing advice - we have something geared towards your success. We also work closely with local architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors, chefs, equipment suppliers and many others to build the strongest support team possible for your project. Our industry driven network is growing every day and we look forward to sharing these contacts with you.

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Do you write business plans?

With over 10 years of business plan writing experience, it is definitely a strong point at Key Restaurant Group. Business plans however, are recommended to be the third plan developed within the start-up phase. A feasibility study and concept development plan paired with a strategic business plan will position you for an optimal success rate. All of our detailed plans are 100% customized and an entire planning package takes approximately 30 days to complete.

How much do your services cost?

Due to the wide-range of industry focused services, there is no one set fee. Equally, everyone brings their own strengths & weaknesses to a project – therefore we will not push any services we feel you can execute on your own. Remember, we work with you, together on these projects. With our ‘a la carte’ style options, you get to choose your needs and we will put together a detailed proposal package which will include a breakdown of affordable payment options that are fair for everyone.

Do you offer hourly consulting rates?

Yes, if you’re just looking for advice, reviews, or a second opinion on location selection, floor layouts, menu development, system management, or your own completed business plans - Our 10, 20, or 30 hour consulting packages may be just for you!

Do you work with restaurants currently opened?

While the primary focus is start-ups, there are programs and services geared toward already operating venues. For example, the Thrive Program where you will be provided with a trusted advisor each month or other defined solutions such as kitchen redesigns, marketing plans, website development, menu designs, management training, conceptual rebranding, or other business growth strategies. No matter your situation – we have something for you.

How big is your consulting team?

The in-house team consists of Doug Radkey (Principal & Lead Consultant) and Jennifer Radkey (Director of Business Development & Client Relations). Each project provides its own unique scope of services – therefore we work with trusted partners through our advanced regional network of industry professionals on an as-needed basis which ensures fair pricing for our clients plus a high quality of work and an undeniable level of dedication to each project.

What regional areas do you work in?

We are based just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Burlington – however we have regional offices (Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Portland, Las Vegas, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Orlando) and clients throughout both Canada and the USA. No project is too small or too large (or too far away) for us to work with. With strong communication and project management experience, we can work both on-site and/or remotely on nearly every project. Contact us today to see if we are a fit for one another - it's time to realize your dreams!

What hospitality sectors do you work with?

Key Restaurant Group works with restaurants, bars, lounges, cafes, and food trucks found throughout North America. Whether independent or operating within a hotel, golf course, or municipal property – we have unique food, beverage, operations, and project management solutions for your venue.