Doug Radkey - Partner + Consultant + Project Manager

Doug’s passion for the hospitality industry first started at the age of fourteen, working as a dishwasher in a small independent restaurant. Since that time, a lot has happened!

Becoming a leading voice in this industry has not only been ‘a job’, it has also become a lifestyle for Doug with new opportunities and challenges every single day. As the owner, project manager, and principal consultant with Key Restaurant Group, Doug brings 20+ years experience in this industry including  10+ years as a consultant focusing on start-up restaurants, bars, cafes, and food trucks.

Doug demonstrates his in-depth knowledge of the business development side of the hospitality industry through being the project manager for 30+ different start-ups and writing well over 100 unique feasibility studies, concept development plans, and/or strategic business plans.

Doug is the author of ‘Bar Hacks’, a public speaker, a certified hospitality teacher, and an ‘industry expert’ for a variety of industry related publications. His expertise provides the Canadian and US markets with both consultation and ongoing coaching strategies.

Whether you’re a restaurant (QSR/casual/fine dining), bar, lounge, or pub - solutions include, but are not limited to, business planning, project management, marketing strategies, menu development, venue assessments, floor layouts & interior design strategies, equipment specs, talent recruitment, brand development, and consistent system development.

If you are starting, growing, or re-branding a quick-service restaurant, sports bar, food truck, cafe, fine dining establishment or anything in between; an educated, experienced, and talented team will work with you to develop, enhance, or expand your unique property.

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