From Start. To Finish!

Being in business since 2009 has given us the opportunity to perfect the ‘act-of-listening’. We simply listen to your ideas, discuss potential strengths & weaknesses, and then draft a catered, solution for your start-up project that matches with your budget.

Key Restaurant Group’s unique experience provides a rare differentiated approach along with years of experience. Given our ability to bring together some of the most advanced food & beverage concepts and procedures presently found in Canada and the United States, you will quickly find that we retain the knowledge, experience, and ability to take control of your start-up project, leading to early profits and reduced costs.

Planning Stages

restaurant feasibility

Feasibility studies

The first step to your long-term success. Our methods will ensure your restaurant is suitable for the market and it is in-fact, a restaurant or bar your market wants and needs.

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Concept Development

Every developed concept should strive for five unique characteristics; scalability, profitability, unique experiences, consistency, and sustainability. We can help you define your concept.


Business Plans

The action plan and foundation for your restaurant & bar. This document will prepare you and your team for the upcoming project with research and strong financial projections.

restaurant investor package

Investor Packages

Key Restaurant Group will prepare you for meetings with banks, property managers, and investors with unique presentation packages geared toward the target audience.