Doug Radkey (Partner)

Consultant & Project Manager


Jennifer Radkey (Partner)

Office / Client Relations


Mark Wilson

Chef / Kitchen Consultant


Tim Green

The Pizza Consultant


Evan Martin

Bar Consultant / Mixologist


Jared Boller

Bar Consultant / Mixologist


Jason B. Smale

Financial Consultant

Why Key Restaurant Group?

Since 2009, with now 8 regional offices (Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Portland, Las Vegas, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Orlando) Key Restaurant Group has assisted numerous independently owned restaurant/bar start-ups throughout Canada and The United States. Depending on the scope of the project, certified chefs plus additional restaurant consultants, mixologists, accountants, engineers, graphic designers, and brand managers are brought on in an as-needed basis. Your needs are listened to and a customized package will be crafted to fit not only your budget, but compliment the strengths and weaknesses your own team may bring to the project as well.

If you are starting a quick-service restaurant, sports bar, food truck, cafe, fine dining establishment or anything in between; an educated, experienced, and talented team will work with you to develop, enhance, or expand your unique property.

Give us a call at 1-866-575-9552 or email us directly at

A Few Recent Projects

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Moods Eatery

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Fat Lamb Kouzina


The Pizza Boutique 

Manny's Place (3)

Manny's Place

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Indian Sweet Master

nawabs kitchen

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India Village


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Jo-Jo's Chic-n-Wings