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It's likely no secret to you that over 65% of restaurants fail within the first 36 months of opening. Don't go through the critical start-up phase alone; instead, work alongside and add a trusted professional to your start-up support team who has had zero restaurant start-up failures since 2009!

Key Restaurant Group is a leading North American restaurant, cafe, and bar start-up development agency located in Ontario, Canada led by hospitality strategist, speaker, and writer – Doug Radkey. You will be hard pressed to find another consultant that is as flexible, hands-on, in-tune, and who is equally as passionate about not only this industry, but your long-term success! 

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Start-Up Solutions


The first phase to your long-term success. A three step process (Feasibility Study + Concept Development + Business Planning) will develop five unique restaurant characteristics; scalability, profitability, unique experiences, consistency, and sustainability.


The second phase to your long-term success. An in-depth list of solutions that will assist you from choice of location to kitchen layout, menu development, front-of-house layout, system management, team development, marketing plans, and much more until opening day!


The third phase to your long-term success. After grand opening, ongoing support is critical to ensure all systems are operating correctly for the first 1-12+ months including secret diners, marketing campaigns, customer service, and financial/system reporting.

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